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Review: WoodTel DialMate Enables Complete SOHO Automation

by The Think Tank

If you operate a small business, and want not only to optimize the cost of your phone bills, but offer a professional "always-available" presence to those who call you, no matter where you are in the world, the WoodTel DialMate product may just be what you are looking for.  The DialMate is an intelligent stand-alone call management system for call back, call bridge, call forward, call transfer, "one number follow me", PBX control and home/office automation system.

What is truly unique about the DialMate product, which is what caught our attention in the first place, is that it brings together multiple useful functions in one inexpensive stand-alone unit.  We have seen products with price-tags several times more expensive, with fewer features than offered by the DialMate.

The DialMate is an analog telecommunications device that enables you to reverse, bridge, or forward a call (international, long distance, or local) so that you can make much cheaper calls (by utilizing your own home/office long-distance carrier) without ever missing a call.  When installed on a telephone line that has a three-way (conference) calling service (as ordered from the telephone company), you can command DialMate to reverse, bridge, or forward all calls to any phone number (including cellular phones, pagers, modems, fax, or answering machines) anywhere in the world.  The unit does not require a computer to operate, and programming the DialMate is achieved through a set of simple tone commands entered through the phone handset's keypad.  You can also record a message of up to 16 seconds long, which will direct callers that although you are not currently available, they will be automatically forwarded to a number where you should be available.  This can also be used for callback features, for example, to direct an operator to connect to your hotel room.

By using the DialMate to forward your calls, you will not only be saved from missing calls, you will no longer have to call in to check your messages.  You will be directly connected to those people you need to speak to.  And because the call was initiated from your home or office, your normal phone line rates will apply, which, if you are receiving the calls at a cellular phone, you know can save you a TREMENDOUS amount of money.  Another advantage is that you need not burden your clients with multiple phone numbers by which to reach you.  One number can reach you wherever you are.  This is also good for security.  Why should everyone have your direct cellular phone number?  You will, of course, also save money by not using the phone company's call forward service.

You can also use the DialMate as a call back or call bridge device.  In call back mode, you can set the DialMate to automatically call you back at any phone number -- even internationally.  This can save you a tremendous amount of money, because you will be using your own carrier to place your phone calls.  If your standard long-distance plan is 9 cents a minute, and you are paying 25 cents a minute for long distance calls through your cellular or PCS phone, you understand how quickly this savings can add up.  Call bridging is almost the same as call back mode, in that it allows you to place calls as if you were at your home or office location, except call bridging does not call you back first.  This feature is also very useful if you have access to nothing more than a payphone.  You drop in a quarter, and have complete access to make calls not only anywhere around the country, but anywhere around the world billed to your home/office at the rates you receive there.  If this
seems scary to you at first, possibly because you are afraid that someone could gain access to your system and make free calls -- you do not have to worry very much, unless you share your access code with someone else.  The DialMate products implements some very good security measures to minimize the risk of someone breaking into the system.  Another advantage of calling in this fashion, is that for those people who have caller ID, they will not be able to see the number you are calling from, thus protecting your cell phone and other possibly private nunbers.  Only the number of the line connected to the DialMate product will be shown.

Overall, we were very much impressed with the power and flexibility of the DialMate product.  For anyone who is not only looking to save some money in long-distance charges, but who is also looking to provide callers with "one-number" access wherever you are, DialMate is not only the best choice, but the most cost effective choice as well.

DialMate retails for $199.00, and requires three-way (conference) calling service from the telephone company.  The product also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee

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