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last update: 1.12.2015

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check Can be used as a call back, dail back, call bridge, call forward or call transfer 
       device without a computer. 
check If installed on a USA 800 number, the line can be used as a toll-free 
       international number. This will provide foreign companies/individuals
       with virtual USA presence. 

checkEnables foreign (outside the USA) users to access USA 800 numbers 
       without assistance of an operator. 

checkEnables international user to take advantage of the low rates charged by 
       telephone companies/long distance carriers in the United States. USA 
       outbound call rates are cheaper than international call back provider 
       rates by as much as 60%, and foreign telephone companies by as much 
       as 80%. 

checkCalls made through DialMate offer more privacy than calls made through
       international call back providers. This is very important to business since
       their calls go through their own switch rather than through a service 
       provider. Records of their calls are also kept within their companies. 

checkEliminates minimum usage and monthly fees charged by international call 
       back providers. 

checkEnables domestic user to take advantage of low residential/business 
       rates versus pay phone/calling card/ hotel rates and surcharges. 

checkEnables users to earn rebates and perks (e.g., flight mileage) offered by 
       carriers, by charging all calls to their residential or business phones. 

checkEnables telecommuters to receive and transfer calls as if they were in the 

checkEnables users to charge their personal calls to their home phone when at 
       work, and telecommuters to charge their business calls to their 
       companies when working at home. 

checkEnables the user to make multiple calls without hanging up between calls.
       This eliminates surcharges commonly levied by hotels and calling card 

checkThe desired call back or call forward/transfer telephone numbers (up to 
       80 digits), as well as the other functions, can be programmed on-site 
       (locally) or remotely over telephone lines even when the user is not at 
       the pre-programmed number.  This allows the user to have a roaming 
       call back, call forward or call transfer phone number. 

checkDialMate can be installed on any direct-dialed analog telephone line or 
       PABX extension. 

checkThe call back/forward/transfer telephone number can reside in an 
       operator-assisted PBX (such as in hotels and companies where PBX 
       extensions cannot be dialed directly). A digital voice chip on the device 
       can record a message to get through operators or request callers to stay 
       on the line while their calls are being forwarded/transferred. 

checkIt is compatible with all touch-tone phone (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) 
       systems including facsimile machines, modems, and telephone dialers. 

checkEquipped with non-volatile memory, which is used to save all 
       programmed data. If the power goes off, saved information will not be 

checkProgrammable four-digit security code prevents unauthorized persons 
       from using or reprogramming the device. 

checkWhen used as a call forward/transfer device on their land-based 
       telephone lines, users can be reached wherever they may be, including 
       hotels, mobile phones, or even overseas (Note: phone companies do not
       forward calls to international destinations). 

checkTakes advantage of free air time plans (incoming calls, calls to 
       designated numbers, etc.) offered by major cellular service providers, 
       using the call bridge and call back functions. 

checkExtends the range of cellular phone calls to international destinations 
       without modifying the user’s calling plan or obtaining special permission 
       from the cellular service provider. 

checkSaves on cellular directory assistance calls.  Landline 411 calls are free 
       or much cheaper. 

checkSecures caller ID and location. The device’s phone number will appear 
       on the called party’s caller ID machine, not the number where the user is
       calling from.  This is very useful and most of the time a necessity for 
       users (especially security and law enforcement personnel) who don’t 
       want to give out their unlisted numbers or cellular phone numbers and

checkEliminates the telephone company’s monthly charges for call 
       forward/transfer services. 

checkDoubles the range of local or toll-free calls. 

checkA “must have” for telecommuters, importers, exporters, SOHOs, sales 
       and field service personnel, travelers, tourists, expatriates, embassy 
       personnel, armed services personnel, law enforcement agencies, Internet
       users who don’t have local access, cellular phone users, multinational 
       companies, students, or anybody away from their home or office phone.
       In other words, don’t leave your phone without it! 

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