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... Call FOR FREE!!! ... and SLASH your phone HAVE ALL CALLS FOLLOW YOU!!!

"The world's simplest and cheapest follow-me device" - Computer Telephony Magazine, June 1997

DialMate is an analog* call manager that enables you to:  all calls (international, long distance, or local) so that you can make free calls (or save up to 98% on long distance charges) and never miss a call. 

When installed on an ordinary analog telephone line that has a three-way (conference) calling service (ordered from the telephone company), you can command DialMate to reverse, bridge, transfer, or forward all calls to any phone number (including cellular phones, pagers, modems, fax, or answering machines) anywhere in the world. And you do not need a personal computer or any programming skills to operate DialMate

*Dialmate is meant to be installed on regular analog 2-wire telephone lines with 3-way or conference call service and will not operate on digital lines.

Dialmate and PCS phone

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